The Evolution Steel Saw (EVOSAW230)

The EVOSAW230 exhibits superior cutting capabilities that allows it to cut through the toughest jobs. It can cut tubing, angle iron, metal grating, channel, roofing, fencing, frames and other materials. It has a robust and highly durable blade.

This steel cutting saw has a 9″ diameter TCT blade and a 1750-watt powerful motor that allows this machine to breeze through mild steel without heat build-up, burrs or the use of coolant. It’s also called a double insulated machine.

Tough and Durable

It has a maximum cutting capacity of 3-1/4″ with a thickness of 1/4″. Its long blade life has the capacity for cuts up to 262′ of 1/2″ steel plate before a replacement is required. The EVOSAW230 comes with an operator’s manual, safety goggles, hearing protection and a carry case.

It out performs normal cutting saws because of its advanced performance. When cutting steel, it leaves an instantly workable finish, producing no heat, no burr and virtually no sparks – unlike alternative methods. The 0 – 45° bevel tilt enhances the versatility of this saw. The combination of an Evolution Steel Saw and Steel Cutting blade, is the ultimate in Steel cutting technology. Add to this the comprehensive specialist blade range and the variety of applications you can cut becomes incredibly vast.

Features of the EVOSAW230

Features consist of a useful laser guide to aid in accurate cutting and bevel tilt enhancing the versatility of the saw. The maximum cutting depth of cut is an amazing 3-5/16” whilst offering a cutting capacity of 1/2” plate thickness. It’s economical with a long-life blade cuts up to 87-1/2 yards of 1/4” steel plate with a 3 Year Warranty.

Other features include a safety switch with overload protection and it an auto-debris collection system in which collects chippings automatically. It is heavy-duty and extremely portable. Features a clear visibility panel to assist in accurate cutting and has an easily adjustable depth of cut.

Evolution EVOSAW230 Steel Cutting Circular Saw offers the highest grades industrial metal cutting strength on the market today because when cutting steel, the EVOSAW230 cuts cold, no coolant is required. Because the material is cold it can be handled and worked immediately. It’s better and faster  than the common alternatives. The saw performs basically as you’d expect it to. The blade it comes with (for steel) has the typical alternating tooth design that’s common this kind of saw.