The Evolution Steel Saw 1 ( EVOSAW185)

The Evolution Steel Saw 1, otherwise known as EVOSAW185 embraces a wide variety of applications and offers  diversity of blades for cutting. It’s cleaner, faster and safer giving it an edge compared to other methods like torches, portabands and so on. The EVOSAW185 is still categorized as mainstream in Steel Cutting technology and this machine also makes things easier for TCT Steel Cutting Circular Saws. Its considered revolutionary and well established as a circular saw.

Features of the EVOSAW185

Evolution185 has a high power 1100-watt motor and its generous 2-¼’’ depth of cut copes with the heaviest of works. It is a steel cutting saw with a 7-1/4″ diameter TCT blade which offers the highest grade industrial metal cutting strength on the market today. Featuring a 40 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade, this machine outperforms abrasives, cutting faster and lasting 20 times longer. It also has a high torque-gearbox which reduces motor stresses while improving performance and durability.

EVOSAW185 is designed to cut steel, aluminum, and stainless steel as well as woods. It has a maximum cutting capacity of 2-¼”  and ¼” thickness and a long life blade that cuts up to 260’ of ¼” steel plate.

Smooth, Clean Cuts

The advantage of this EVOSAW185  is that it cuts cold, no coolant required in the cutting operation. It cuts mild steel quickly and cleanly, producing no heat, no burr. Because the steel is cold, it can be picked up and worked with immediately after cutting. This saw cuts almost flawlessly. It works fast and the blade quickly glides through even heavy ¼”-wall tubing with no pressure from your hand and the cut-off edges are immediately cool. Its compact dimensions and light weight make it ideal for use either on or off site.

EVOSAW185 is an industrial circular saw that provides high performance through tough applications, aids you from saving tremendous amount of money due to its cheap price yet high quality type of circular saw.

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