The Evolution RAGE2 14 Inch Multipurpose Chop Saw

The Evolution RAGE2 14 inch Multipurpose Chop Saw offers flexibility and quality. It cuts quickly, smoothly and safely. The blade is not only flexible, it is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Its 0-45 degree secure clamp is simple and easy to use and adjust, allowing fast, accurate angle cuts. The high-torque gear box greatly improves performance and durability by reducing stress on the motor. If you need to cut stone, concrete or brick, the Rage 2 Chop Saw has a top-quality accessory: a 355mm (14″) Diamond Blade.

Features of the Evolution Rage2 14 inch Multipurpose Chop Saw

Evolution’s durable Chop Saw comprehensively out-performs abrasive saws. Featuring patented RAGE technology, utilizing a TCT blade rather than an abrasive wheel, it makes cuts easy, even through wood with nails, steel, and aluminum — all with a single blade. The Evolution RAGE2 14 inch Multipurpose Chop Saw cuts quickly and cleanly, with no burrs and virtually no sparks, even at a severe angle. When cutting steel, the RAGE2 cuts cold: no coolant is required. Because the material is cold, it can be handled and worked on immediately. The impressive performance is economical too, offering up to 750 cuts in mild steel box section before a replacement blade is needed.

Efficient and Tough

At, Evolution Steel Cutting Carbide Circular Saws offer the highest quality of industrial and military metal cutting machines in The USA.’s Evolution tests have shown 1 x RAGE blade will last longer than 20 x abrasive discs.’s RAGE2 14″ Cut off saw TCT Multipurpose Chop Saw cuts steel, aluminum and wood and weighs 45 lbs, with 1 Arbor and 15 Amperage. Its RPM is 1450 with a motor of 2000W. It comes with with a RAGE2 Multipurpose TCT Blade, V-Block, Chip Collector Bin, Hex Wrench, Spare Carbon Brush Set, Safety Goggles, Ear Plugs, and Manual.