QSaw© Quartz steel for thin steel

QSaw© Quartz is a top customer favorite. It’s a metal cutting circular saw blade designed with different configurations for a variety of jobs — thin steels, for instance. Key differences between blade configuration, like the number of teeth on the blade, the carbide grade, and the shape of the teeth, allow for specialty applications.

Features of QSaw© Quartz

The QSaw© Quartz for thin steel delivers an accurate and superior performance. It is designed specifically to cut thin, mild steel, like sheet metal, metal roofing, and electrical conduit. Specifically,  it’s ideal for cutting metals that are ⅛” thick. Like any other brand of circular saw blades for thin steel, QSaw© Quartz has a variety of teeth configuration, options that help to ensure a long blade life and enables fast, efficient cuts.

With the highest grade carbide teeth, QSaw© Quartz offers increased durability than any other brand of circular saw blades. It features a hardened blade body that ensures the blade runs truer for a longer time than it’s competitor blades. Additionally, the QSaw© Quartz is made mainly with ultra high-grade brazing techniques. This blade also offers ultra thin kerf, which smoothly glides through the workpiece, leaving a finish that is instantly workable and smoother.

Efficiency and Workability

QSaw© Quartz blades use dry cutting technology, which produces virtually no heat, burrs or sparks. With little friction created while cutting, heat is transferred away from the workpiece. Dry cutting means workpieces can be immediately handled after cutting.

QSaw© Quartz has an edge over other brands of circular saw blades. Aside from its top-of-the-line quality and durability, it can help increase cost savings and efficiency, since it can be purchased at a lower price. This blade is only available at Sawblade.com, one of the leading online companies providing premium quality products for all your sawing needs.