How Tough Are Diablo Demon Recip Blades?

The Diablo Demon Recip blades are the toughest blades in the metal cutting industry. They boast the first of their kind, carbide tips that are great at cutting hard metals like cast iron, high-strength alloy and stainless steel up to 1/2” thick.

Diablo Demon Recip Blades Carbide Teeth

These blades feature carbide on the end of an aggressive hooked teeth pattern, resembling the geometry of a circular saw. The recip blade makes quick cuts one after another. It can cut everything from black iron pipe to plate steel, and even metals like high strength steel alloys, grade eight bolts, stainless steel, and cast iron. Most of those metals would destroy a normal bi-metal blade, but the Diablo Demon Carbide tipped blades cut through with no problems.

Because of its carbide-tipped blades, these blades, these can cut almost 20x faster than normal blades. It allows the operator 20 fewer blade changes.  It’s 20 fewer times that you’ll have to re-start in the middle of cut where your prior blade died. Poor performing bi-metal blades have been a dilemma experienced by users that quickly increases their daily expenses. This efficiency and unmatched speed lets you focus on the important things in your workshop. It’s also a fantastic cost saver, offering 20x the performance for your work.

Diablo Demon Toughness and Efficiency

Diablo Demon Recip Blades have a great composition that grants it fantastic durability, allowing them to keep their edges cut after cut. Their advanced design makes it possible to slice through difficult metals with very little effort. Additionally, their speed and durability lets them cut through many materials with ease.

Even though these are among the most expensive blades on the market, their versatility, durability and cost per cut make them out to be a bargain in the long run.Diablo Demon Recip Blades’ unique feature combination of carbide teeth, friction-reducing coating and high performance makes it popular and one of the toughest blades in the market.