Delivery Of Your Band Saw Blades From

I believe that there is a simple formula to keep customers coming back to buy our band saw blades:

just provide them with the best product, with a fair price and deliver it faster than anyone else. It sounds simple, but delivery seems to be the “choke point” for many industrial suppliers.  We are no exception to this, however we recognize it and work hard to provide same day shipping on all orders received by 4pm Central time. Last month 94.8% of all band saw blade orders were shipped the same day the customer ordered. That number may be acceptable for some companies, but we view it as room for improvement.
Our Standard ship time for an order is going to vary from order to order. That’s because there really is no such thing as a standard band saw blade order. Customers routinely place orders anywhere from 2 – 100 saw blades per order, ranging in all sizes and widths.
Orders that come in via our online store go directly into our system, and are then routed to one of our several weld centers across the USA.  In addition, a customer can phone or email-in the order, and it can also be entered by a Customer Service representative.  We are always happy to help a customer set up a online account; simply call us for assistance at 877-501-7297.  If you call in to the customer service line you simply need tell us what material, what length and teeth, and how many. We will then get to work welding your bands.  Of course, no matter what order size or width of band, we always try to ship it the same day.  A 50-piece band order takes longer to fill than a 20-piece weld-to-length band saw blade order so be sure to allow for lead time on your larger orders. Also, make sure that you order the correct length!  “Check twice and order once” on welded band saw blades.  They are non-returnable if the length is wrong. If you have a rush, call customer service by noon for same day shipment.  If you are like many people and don’t realize you have a rush until the saw operator tells you it’s a rush, call us as soon as you can; we will work with you right down to your preferred method of shipping to get the order to you as soon as possible.
We are rarely out of items that you are ordering.  Band Saw Blades are basically all we sell, so inventory on our side is a simple task, governed by one simple rule:  “stock everything, and a lot of it”!  We spent thousands of dollars implementing SAP on our system to track and forecast sales and inventory in all of our locations. We also have an entire department, as well as monthly inventory & production meetings to forecast that plenty of coil stock is on the shelf at all times.  Delivery is serious business to us, so it’s important that orders ship the same day or next day, depending on when the order was entered and the size of the order.
The other type of product item we sell is AF coolant. This is almost always in stock and pulled and shipped with your order, the same day.
We are trying to build the worlds finest band saw blade company, and prompt shipping is a big part of it.  If you have any issues, please call and let us know.  We  are eager to hear about them and will always strive to provide you with world class service.