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Why the 601 M42 Should Be Your Go-To Saw Blade

Why the M42 Should Be Your Go-To Saw Blade Ask an Expert with Darren Weidner Born and raised in Texas, Darren Weidner is an experienced machinist and salesman with over four years of working in production.  Weidner gave us a fresh perspective on some of the most most popular blades, the M42 Saw Blade. The[…]

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Do You Know Where Your Chip Brush Is?

Do You Know Where Your Chip Brush Is? Ask an Expert with Andy Attaway Andy Attaway has been an industrial supply salesman for ten years, he’s quickly becoming an expert in all things band saw. Andy walked us through the essentials of chip brushes, offering insight into how this often overlooked feature plays a key[…]

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Delivery Of Your Band Saw Blades From

I believe that there is a simple formula to keep customers coming back to buy our band saw blades: just provide them with the best product, with a fair price and deliver it faster than anyone else. It sounds simple, but delivery seems to be the “choke point” for many industrial suppliers.  We are no exception[…]

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